Covenant Presbyterian Church - Charlotte, NC

Roof Above
(formerly men's shelter)

Emergency Shelter, Meals, Income and Housing Assistance

Join the team to provide and serve meals at Roof Above.
Urban Ministry Center and Men’s Shelter of Charlotte have merged! The new name “Roof Above” is meant to serve as an aspirational call to what we want everyone in our community to have – above all else, the simple comfort of a roof to call one’s own.  

Ways to Serve at Roof Above

Dinner for neighbors at Roof Above
On fifth Tuesdays (about 4 times a year), volunteers from Covenant serve donated Texas Hash casseroles to the more than 300 homeless men who rely on the shelter. Casseroles, desserts and fresh fruit are needed for each meal, and people (older than 16) are invited to come serve the meal at the shelter.

Texas Hash and desserts can be prepared at home at anytime and stored in a church freezer in Fellowship Hall. Want to help? Making Texas Hash is easy and a fun activity with the kids. Click here for the recipe.

Questions? Contact Terry Horne.

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