Covenant Presbyterian Church - Charlotte, NC

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Church staff positions

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Director of Children's Ministries
At Covenant, the Director of Children’s Ministries is the voice for both the needs and the faith development of our children. You will work alongside a committed staff and gifted lay leadership to nurture children from birth to 5th grade and their families. This role reaches more than 300 children and represents a meaningful opportunity to create high-value impact by meeting families and children where they are, welcoming them into our faith community and walking alongside them through milestone moments, hardships and joys. Through ongoing relationships with families, the Director will assist parents in cultivating their children’s faith at home.
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Director of Communications
Covenant's Director of Communications will oversee, manage, and develop ongoing and regular communications with members, partners, and guests locally, nationally, and abroad using all platforms. This role will provide communications support for Covenant ministries and leadership, create awareness for the church and its mission in the Charlotte community, invite people to worship, and nurture relationships with communications support.
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Director of Operations
Covenant's Director of Operations will be responsible for the coordination of the church’s general operations, including property management, recreation ministries and facility, food service, administrative and custodial staff to support the church’s programming and mission as set forth by the ordained staff, the business administrator, the session and lay leadership of the church.
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Child Development center positions

Lead Teacher

The Lead Teacher is responsible for developing a cohesive teaching team, coordinating the curriculum, and managing the day-to-day operational activities of the classroom. Lead Teachers must understand children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in order to ensure a safe and stimulating classroom environment where children are actively engaged and encouraged to succeed. The Lead Teacher must be skilled in communicating with both children and adults in order to meet the needs of the children, effectively guide Teacher assistants, and resolve parental concerns. The Lead Teacher demonstrates a commitment to serving children from diverse background and circumstances
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Teacher Assistant and Floater

The Teacher Assistant supports the Teachers and the Director by helping to create a caring and safe environment for the children and assisting in activities to improve the overall care and quality of education.  S/he must be able to communicate, listen and work well with others in a team environment. Assisting the staff in implementing a quality educational program and in developing positive relationships with the children and their parents, the Teacher Assistant observes and documents children’s interest and progress, and relays that information back to parents and staff. Teacher Assistant is responsible for implementing developmentally appropriate activities based on children’s interests and needs under the direction of the Teacher and the Director.
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