Covenant Newsletter December 2019

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This Sunday

8:45 a.m. Chapel
Our traditional service at 8:45 is held in the intimate and glorious architecture of Morrison Chapel. This service includes the leadership of ministers, elders, ushers, and musicians – both instrumentalists and small choir. Surrounded by the richness and beauty of sight, sound and symbol, this service continues the Reformed Tradition’s central focus of Word and Sacrament in worship and offer prayers and praise of God accompanied by instruments including organ, piano, violin, cello, harp and flute. 

8:45 Chapel Dec. 15, Bulletin
8:45 Chapel Dec. 8, Bulletin

8:45 Chapel Dec. 1, Bulletin

8:45 Chapel Nov. 24, Bulletin

9:30 a.m. Contemporary (streamed live)
Our contemporary worship service takes place in the Sanctuary. Come as you are - from shorts and T-shirts to suits and ties. Casual dress is optional.

9:30 Sanctuary Dec. 15, Bulletin
9:30 Sanctuary Dec. 8, Bulletin

9:30 Sanctuary Dec. 1, Bulletin

9:30 Sanctuary Nov. 24, Bulletin

11 a.m. Traditional  (streamed live)
Traditional worship in the Sanctuary with the full Covenant Choir. Come as you are and enjoy worship with us.

11:00 Sanctuary Dec. 15, Bulletin
11:00 Sanctuary Dec. 8, Bulletin

11:00 Sanctuary Dec. 1, Bulletin

11:00 Sanctuary Nov. 24, Bulletin

11 a.m. Contemporary (Paused Until Jan. 5, 2020)
Our 11 a.m. contemporary worship experience meets in Fellowship Hall. The service features Americana-style music, a message that incorporates our theology and vision and opportunities for service and interaction.

11:00 Fellowship Hall May 19, Bulletin

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Special Services

Dec. 15, Lessons & Carols 5 p.m.