Covenant Presbyterian Church - Charlotte, NC

A Message From Our Campaign Chairs

What an abnormal and incredible year! Abnormal because we spent most of the year virtual, masked and reaching for hand sanitizer and having to find new, innovative ways to connect. Incredible because of each of YOU! The investment you made in Covenant this past year allowed for our church to create blessings all around the world.

This Stewardship season, we want to celebrate the impact of your time, treasures, and talents. We hope to remind you of the special moments created by our church. Most importantly, we strive to inspire you to find new ways to bind you even further to Covenant and it's mission. While we can't guarantee 2022 will be "normal," we know that it will be INCREDIBLE because of your investment.

This year's Stewardship theme is "The Ties that Bind." We invite you to think back on the many people, missions, and events that tie you to Covenant. Come join us as we commit to Covenant for 2022. Blessed be the Ties that Bind!

With blessings and gratitude,
Katie & Lee Cornwell
2022 Stewardship Campaign Chairs


Gratitude Gathering Video