Wednesday night series: Authentic living in a wired world

Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m., Sept. 12 - Nov. 7
Fellowship Hall 207

How can you stay true to your values and aspirations when society constantly pressures you to conform?

Join us for a look at ways to embrace your identity in a competition-oriented world. We'll contemplate how to prevent social media from hijacking the courage to be our unique selves.

Juliet Kuehnle, a Covenant member and therapist with Southeast Psych, will kick off the series Sept. 12. Then we'll hear from experts every week on topics such as:

• Defining intentional living
• Clarifying personal values as separate from societal pressure
• Understanding the science of the brain and technology
• Discovering experiential activities like vision boards, guided meditations and breathing techniques

Come every week - or drop in as you are able - as we seek fulfillment in a world that too often makes it difficult. Click here to RSVP for Open Table dinner. No RSVP needed if you just want to attend the program.