Stewardship Update from Sarah & Will Gaston

Dear friends,
Holiday Greetings!  As we begin the season of Advent, we write to update you on the progress of Covenant's 2018 stewardship campaign.
The good news is that, as of Friday, Dec. 1, we have received 356 pledges totaling $1,941,960. This includes 42 new pledging households and 116 households that increased their pledges from 2017 for a total increase of $179,985. THANK YOU to all who have made pledges.
The challenging news is that we are $958,040 short (or 33 percent) of our pledge goal of $2,900,000. We have received pledges from only 30 percent of the approximately 1,250 households in our congregation.
Our giving records show 227 households who made pledges in 2017 but have yet to do so for 2018.  Those pledges total $900,000.  Our stewardship committee will be making telephone calls starting next week.
Our goal is within reach - and we ask you to commit so that we may position our ministries for the greatest impact.
If you have not yet pledged, please click here to do so today.
Thank you for your generosity in supporting the ministries and mission of Covenant.
Sarah & Will Gaston
2018 Stewardship Chairs