Session issues statement following Charlottesville violence

The Session issued the following statement of affirmation at its regular meeting on Monday night.

Dear friends:

Our nation continues to witness the destructive force of racist ideologies that are a scourge upon our land. As members of the larger Body of Christ, we again affirm that the hatred, intimidation, and violence of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi rallies in Charlottesville are fundamentally incompatible with the gospel. As Christians, we renounce this, and any, hateful ideology, and affirm that God delights in the dignity of all humanity.

In communion with the particularly vulnerable among us, we reaffirm our commitment to God’s vision of a world where "all can live under their own fig tree and none shall be afraid."(Micah 4:4)  To that end, we will continue to rigorously examine how we may unwittingly sustain the daily, more subtle, manifestations of unjust systems that poison the lives and hopes of our neighbors, friends, and community.

We also recommit ourselves to following Christ’s call to live in reconciled relationship with each other, trusting that Christ is the light that shines brightly in the darkness and that no power of evil can separate us from God’s love. We invite our congregation, friends, and neighbors to join us in prayer, that the sin of racism may be expelled and the redemptive love of God made manifest among us.

In Christ’s love, 

The Session of Covenant Presbyterian Church