Nominate someone to serve as Elder or Youth Elder

Recommendation for Elder Nominee

The Book of Order states that "Elders should be persons of faith, dedication, and good judgement. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian Gospel both within the church and in the world (Chapter 6, section 3)." In compliance with a motion approved by the Session, a committee has been established to nominate 10 adult church members for election to the Session for a three-year term and two youth members to serve a one-year term beginning January 2019. Please give prayerful consideration to any church member(s) whose name(s) you would like to submit to the Elder Nominating Committee (ENC).

To suggest a name, please complete an online form, using the lines at the bottom to state ways in which the person's leadership potential and dedication to Covenant qualify him or her for service as Elder. This information will enable the ENC to consider knowledgeably and prayerfully all whose names are submitted.  

The completed form can be mailed, emailed (, handed to any member of the ENC or placed in the offering plate. The ENC will be able to consider any nominations received by Sunday, July 8, 2018.

Elder nominating committee members:

Co-Chair                                                               Co-Chair

Philip James                                                         Marilynn Mickle

4011 Churchill Rd.                                                2616 Fernbank Dr.

Charlotte, NC  28211                                            Charlotte, NC 28226

704-965-2262                                                        704-607-2011                         


Katie Cornwell                               Administration

Sally Graves                                  Congregational Life

Megan Baer                                   Education

Rusty Williams                               Engagement

Mike Allen                                      Men's Fellowship

Robin Goodson                             Mission

Suzanne Harmon                          Presbyterian Women

Nancy Atwell                                 Worship