New Open Table series: Embracing Jesus' Ways of Peace

Embracing Jesus’ Ways of Peace: 
Nonviolent Interventions in a Violent Society
Wednesdays, Jan. 16, 23 and 30 at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall 207

Pastors and community leaders will show us practical strategies for nonviolence in public places and spaces, personal relationships and civic life. Click here to make an Open Table dinner reservation.

Each evening, in addition to a keynote speaker, we will hear from one or more special guests who have been personally impacted by the issues in question. Learn more below.

Wednesday, Jan. 16: The Power of Language to Pave a Way for Peace

Psychologist Brandon Risher of Presbyterian Psychology, with Jessica Patchett as clergy facilitator will explore:

  • the power of language to shape people’s perspectives and behaviors,  
  • the ways that racial bias can lead to racial violence,  
  • and Brandon’s own experience losing a grandmother at Mother Emanuel AME in Charleston.  

With special guests Glencie Rhedrick and Timothy Emry of Race Matters for Juvenile Justice/Race Charlotte to explore opportunities for understanding and eliminating racial inequities, disparities, and disproportionality within the Mecklenburg community. 

Wednesday, Jan. 23: Seeking Reasonable Gun Reform

Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler of Union Presbyterian Seminary, with Jessica Patchett as clergy facilitator will explore:

  • How access to guns and gun violence shape life in American society, 
  • The unique challenges and resources that Christians have as people who look to two founding documents (the Bible and Constitution) to shape their civic engagement, 
  • And Rodney’s experiences officiating at the funerals of family, friends, and community members lost to gun violence.  

With Andrea Manigat, a member of the Charlotte Moms of Murdered Offspring – and – Kevin Poirier, a Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools educator, who will join Rodney in exploring opportunities for preventing gun violence in our community. 

Wednesday, Jan. 30: Cultivating a Culture of Healthy Relationships

Karen Parker, President and CEO of Safe Alliance, with Bob Henderson as clergy facilitator will explore:

  • how to cultivate healthy relationships, 
  • what leads to violence among acquaintances, family, and friends, 
  • and how people can access and offer help when they notice unhealthy behavior in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, etc. 

With Audra Toussaint, a survivor of domestic violence, and David Pitser, Covenant member and the chair of Safe Alliance’s “Men for Change”, who will explore avenues for acting to end domestic violence and sexual assault.