Millennials group explores navigating adulthood in a changing world

When: Sundays 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in FH105

Connect: Click here to contact Meg Hunter

A new Sunday morning class at Covenant will bring together young singles, couples and first-time parents to talk about navigating adulthood in a changing world.

We'll look at ways to incorporate spirituality into our daily habits and routines, whether it relates to prayer, what to make for dinner or how to use our most recent paycheck (or at least what's left of it after rent).

The idea for a Millennials class grew out of conversations among Kate Bothe, Tom Christy, Andrew and Marli Boyd, Meg Hunter, Amber Murtaugh and Michelle Beatty - a group of Covenant members eager to connect with peers who entered adulthood around the same time.

Some are single, some newly married and some recently became parents for the first time, but they share an interest in great fellowship and hope to discover a few life lessons along the way.

Many also take part in the Young Adults group at Covenant, which meets for brunches, dinner outings and Theology on Tap conversations.

In case you're wondering, researchers generally define Millennials as born between the early 1980s and the late 90s. One description put it this way: "Millennials grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world. Having been raised under the mantra "follow your dreams" and being told they were special, they tend to be confident. They are often seen as slightly more optimistic about the future of America than other generations -- despite the fact that they are the first generation since the Silent Generation that is expected to be less economically successful than their parents."

The group will meet, beginning Feb. 19, on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in FH 105, just inside the main entrance to the Fellowship Hall.