College Council Presents: You and Your Emerging Adult

Covenant's College Council invites you to a three-week Sunday night series on your changing relationship with your emerging adult. How do we navigate these years? How do we act as parents -- but also as friends?

If you have a high school senior, a working young adult age 26 or under, a gap year seeker or a college age student, this series is for you.

Ian Clark, Grady Moseley and Susan Ferone will facilitate discussions at 7 p.m. each week as we walk together on a shared journey. We'll draw on Christian themes and Scripture as well as the book and study guide How to Really Love Your Adult Child by Dr. Ross Campbell and Dr. Gary Chapman.

  • Week 1, Sunday, Jan. 13: Home of Rusty and Fielding Williams, Features of Emerging Adulthood - We will explore emerging adults in our own lives and understand the world in which they live.  

  • Week 2- Sunday, Jan. 20: Home of Jimmy and Anne White, The Success Continuum - What does success look like in our changing world? What is my view of success and what is my emerging adult's view of success? Learn how to offer support when needed and challenge when necessary.

  • Week 3-Sunday, Jan. 27: Home of Mike and Susan Ferone, Meeting Your Own Needs - What is your role in the life of the emerging adult? What support tools do you have in place and how strong is your friend, church and family network?

Contact Susan Ferone, Covenant's care coordinator, or call her at 704-804-7585 to get connected.