Author Jennifer Harvey will speak at Covenant

Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America
Sunday, Oct. 21

Jennifer Harvey, author of the acclaimed book Raising White Kids, will speak at Covenant about the need for honest conversations on race and white identity. Free and open to the public.

9:30 a.m. A public conversation welcomes everyone - parents, grandparents, neighbors and educators. 

6 p.m. A workshop-style evening session is specifically geared toward parents and guardians.

Jennifer Harvey is a writer, speaker and professor at Drake University, and ordained in the American Baptist Churches (U.S.A.). Her book is for all who want to equip children to be active and able participants in a society that is becoming one of the most racially diverse in the world while remaining full of racial tensions. 

At Covenant, Dr. Harvey will offer practical suggestions for conversations about race, white identity and addressing racism when we encounter it. You can RSVP here.