News and Announcements

If you have ever been intrigued by the idea of participating in a small group, now is the time.

Covenant is pleased to announce that Rebecca Buckner "Becky" Stout will join the staff at Covenant on Monday, August 12 as Director of Preschool reporting to Chris Callaway, Managing Director of the CDC.

Martin Pruitt will join the staff on Sunday, Aug. 25 as Director of High School Youth Ministry, reporting to Grace Lindvall, Temporary Minister of Education.

Katherine Cooke Kerr will serve as Covenant's Senior Associate Pastor for Congregational Life and Pastoral Care following a vote by the congregation on Sunday.

Grace Lindvall joined the Covenant staff as Temporary Associate Minister for Education on May 28.

Mary Kate McAlister, Covenant's summer intern in education, reflects on the high school youth trip to Washington, DC.