Covenant Presbyterian Church - Charlotte, NC

Mission Trips 2023

God calls us to stand in solidarity with the marginalized, poor, and oppressed, regardless of their nationality or country of origin.   We recognize that boundary lines are a human endeavor and have no place in the kingdom of God.  Therefore, we travel into spaces and places of need to support our neighbors and expand our vision of a whole and just world.  


October 21-30, 2023; Optional extension into Jordan from October 30 - November 3
Leaders: Ariel McBryde-Gritter and Bob Henderson
Cost: $2,700 for trip, $400 for the hiking extension in Judean wilderness and $1,400 for the extension in Jordan

Come support our partners working for peace and justice in the Holy Land. We will spend 3 days working at Tomorrow’s Youth Organization in Nablus and 3 days helping with the olive harvest at Tent of Nations outside of Bethlehem. There will be two optional extensions. One is a hike in the Judean wilderness from Mar Saba Monastery towards Wadi Qelt. The other is a trip to Jordan to tour the ancient city of Petra, Mt. Nebo, the Wadi Rum Dessert and the city of Amman. Read more about the trip here. Email Ariel McBryde-Gritter or Bob Henderson with questions or click here to reserve a spot.

Civil Rights pilgrimage

September 14-17, 2023
Leaders: Larry Bosc and Mary Kate Sykes
Cost: $475

September 15, 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. Over this weekend, we will yet again join with our friends from Smallwood Presbyterian Church to participate in another civil rights pilgrimage. During this weekend, we will visit the church and will also see various other sites from the civil rights movement. Email Mary Kate Sykes with questions or click here to reserve a spot.