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Online-only worship is Sunday at 9:30 and 11. Read a message to the Covenant community from Bob Henderson.

Get Involved

Engagement Ministry invites you to find your fit in ministry at Covenant. Please take a minute to share with us some ideas of where you'd like to share your gifts and time.

Time and Talents

Please take a minute to view and select areas of ministry to offer your time and talents. You may complete this form online. Some frequently asked questions:

We received one booklet for our household, but multiple members would like to complete this. What should we do?
We would appreciate each household member with interest to check the area(s) where they would like to serve and add their name beside the area so we know which adult or child it is.

I have already signed up to serve. Do you still want to hear from me?
Yes, we do! You are all set, be we want to make sure our church database is updated.

I want to limit my commitments to focus on one or two service areas.
That is wonderful! Please let us know what your interest is. There is no expectation to select multiple areas.

I served in the past and will continue this year. Do I need to complete this form?
Thank you for your service and we are grateful and want to know the area you want to continue to serve in.

Is this form only to select new areas to serve in?
It can be new area or an area you have served last year or years in the past. We want to hear all. Helps us know areas where we member benefit and can help us reach out to know areas we need to provide more information. 

Is this only for those who have never served at Covenant?
We want to hear from everyone. The only way we know your interest area is to hear from you.

If I check an area but really don’t know what I’m getting myself in for, can I change?
Absolutely, the check mark only indicates this is an area that you may want to serve in and that you would like more information about.

How do I get more information before making my selections?
We will be available in Fellowship Hall after both the 9:30 a.m. and the 11 a.m. services on Sunday, Jan. 3 to answer questions. Also, you can email your question to Michelle Williamson and we will have someone contact you.

Spiritual Gifts

If you'd like to talk with someone about your gifts or interests, please contact Lora Borrelli, membership & engagement coordinator.