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Are you in a small group? Do you want to start a small group? Need suggestions for a group study? The Small Group Resource Library is for you! This is a compilation of resources that small groups at Covenant have used and enjoyed, or that come highly recommended by pastors and leaders. You’ll find a range of topics from personal spiritual disciplines to literature about the conflict in Israel and Palestine. The books are categorized by topic and they all have a brief overview of material covered. Take a look online or come browse in person - the Small Group Resource Library is located in EW 212. We hope this will be a good starting point for you as you decide what suits your group best.

Bible Studies
These books all begin with the biblical text, whether they take one book and cover it completely or one theme and trace it throughout the Old and New Testaments, these studies are for people who want to know the Bible better and explore the text more deeply. Download the list.

Book Club
Novels and other books that are meant to be read in full for people and groups who enjoy getting lost in stories and personal accounts of life journeys. Download the list.

Christian Classics
Those books you’ve heard quoted by multiple people but haven’t read, or may not even be able to name. Here you’ll find the classics, including works by C.S. Lewis and Martin Luther King, Jr. Download the list.

Christian Thought and Theology
What is this faith thing all about? Or, why do we talk about the trinity? These books elaborate on tenants of the Christian faith and questions of faith that have endured. Download the list.

Israel-Palestine Conflict
It’s in the news every other day, but these resources will help you look at different sides of this conflict and tell the stories that don’t make it into the newspaper. Leadership Training: How do I start a small group? What does it take to be a leader? These are practical guides which will help sharpen the skills you already use or develop new skills to enhance your ministry. Download the list.

Living a Christian Life
What does it mean to be a Christian in this increasingly secular and spiritual but not religious world? How do we live our convictions? These books address just that. Download the list.

Prayer and Devotions
Reflections and prayers for all seasons whether you want to work your way through a whole book or a single devotion. Download the list.

Relationships and Parenting
Parenting children who know more about technology than you do. Issues every girl will face in her twenties. These books look into behavioral issues facing different demographics and offer practical advice for addressing them. Download the list.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of the materials for your small group, contact Jessica Patchett.


Archived Resources

IMPACT Bible Study Archive

Download the Daily Devotions and small group guide here.
Watch the Background Talks on Vimeo here.

Download the Daily Devotions and small group guide here.
Watch the Background Talks on Vimeo here.

Download the Daily Devotions and small group guide in PDF form here.
Watch the Background Talks here.

1 Corinthians
Download the Daily Devotions and small group guide in PDF form here.
Watch the Background Talks on Vimeo here.

Jesus Christ Inc.
Download the small group discussion guide here.
Watch the Background Talks on Vimeo here.

Additional Resources

In Christ Supporting Ministries
This ministry partners with Covenant to provide workshops, classes and retreats for a variety of audiences. Learn more about their offerings here

Covenant Presbyterian's two libraries contain more than 3,000 Christian books, periodicals and audio-visual materials for members to check out. The Kuykendall Library for adults and children is located on the first floor of the Fellowship Hall.

The Children's Library offers a selection of books on the second floor of the education wing. Want to serve? We're looking for volunteers to help members find books and check them out on Sunday mornings. No experience necessary. Contact Jessica Patchett if you're interested.