Experience church in a new way

Experience church in a new way as Covenant hosts an hour of acoustic music, faith stories and candle-lit prayer in a casual setting.

A re-imagined Fellowship Hall service debuts Sunday with a folk vibe that utilizes acoustic guitars, limits percussion and highlights vocals. The worship team will be on the floor instead of the stage.

“Rather than being up front and performing, it will be more like participating together," said Phil Koonce, who plays acoustic guitar in the worship band.

People from different walks of life will share powerful faith stories relating to the theme for the week. Some have lovely endings. Others are open-ended. All will reflect on the enigmatic question of God’s faithfulness through the highs and lows of life.

The atmosphere will be welcoming and inclusive for folks turned off by church in the past and those who prefer an informal worship experience. Rather than sitting still, you'll be getting up and lighting candles, writing a name on a chalkboard or praying at the baptismal font (and visiting the coffee station). 

If you have not come to Covenant for some time, this might be a great way to re-enter. If you would like to attend worship with children or youth, this will be an easy way to do so. Or, if you simply want a more casual environment, this might be for you.

  • Bringing the band down off the stage so it feels less like a concert and more like we’re all singing together.
  • Faith stories from members of our community relating to the theme for the week. This replaces the sermon talk-back.
  • Interactive elements such as prayer at the baptismal font and chalkboard.
  • A folk vibe that utilizes acoustic guitars, limits percussion and highlights vocals.
  • An enhanced children's play area with new toys and play mat.

"It's a place that people can feel encouraged to participate, whether or not they know the 'secret handshake,'" said Grace Lindvall, associate pastor for education. "There's not an expectation of what you'll know how to do. We're all on equal footing."

Meet Kia Flow

Kia will offer spoken word poetry in the debut service on Sunday. Nearing a decade of living, breathing and being poetry, Kia continues her quest to speak her words and learn from the “ways of the world.”

As a native of Jacksonville, Fla., she admits she's no stranger to hard times and selfish mistakes. It was poetry that lifted her veil to sharpen her perspective and allow her to reflect in depth.