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Covenant Preschool Art Class

Join us at Covenant Presbyterian Preschool, located in the heart of Dilworth and treasured for decades by parents across Charlotte as a leading pre-Kindergarten home for their children. We're proud that our school offers both a high-quality learning experience and one that's grounded in the conviction that every child is created and loved by God.

Guided by rigorous standards, Covenant Preschool's early childhood program assures you that your child is thriving in an attentive learning environment that encourages them to develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

We also encourage the development of a child's faith. Children participate in monthly chapel services, blessings at snack time and age-appropriate Bible stories. They are taught to appreciate God's creation and themselves as God's children. Four- and five-year-olds also participate in Cherub Choir, led by Covenant’s music director and are invited to sing at several church events. We do this all with a family-oriented philosophy that encourages parents and caregivers to observe and participate in their child's development. Join us!

Calendar for 2019-20 school year

Parent Handbook for 2019-20 school year

Policy Form for our 2019-20 school year

Registration form for our 2019-20 school year

Information Brochure for our 2019-20 school year


Class Offerings for 2019-20

Toddlers (2 days per week)
(Walking independently, no morning nap or bottle and 1-year-old by 8/31/18)
Toddlers: Tues/Thurs
Toddlers: Wed/Fri

2-year-olds (as of 8/31/19)
2-day 2s: Tues/Thurs
3-day 2s: Mon/Wed/Fri
3-day 2s: Mon/Tues/Thurs

3-year-olds (as of 8/31/19)
3-day 3s: Mon/Wed/Fri
4-day 3s: Tues-Fri
5-day 3s: Mon-Fri

4 and 5-year olds (4 by 8/31/19)
5-day 4s and 5s: Mon-Fri

Tuition Schedule for 2019-20
2 days per week, $240 per month
3 days per week, $275 per month
4 days per week, $315 per month
5 days per week, $365 per month

Covenant Preschool offers a high- quality developmentally appropriate approach to preschool education. Covenant’s preschool teachers use The Creative Curriculum to guide their planning, observations and assessments. The Creative Curriculum is a content rich program that supports active learning, creativity and promotes children’s progress in all developmental areas.

The Creative Curriculum:

  • Is comprehensive and rigorously researched
  • Is based on 38 Goals and Objectives that are aligned with state and national standards and guidelines
  • Enables every child to develop creativity, confidence and critical thinking skills.
  • Promotes children’s progress in all areas of development and learning; Social-Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and the Arts.

Covenant Preschool offers a variety of enrichment activities, including music, art, STEAM and occasional field trips.

Toddlers through threes participate in weekly music and movement class while the fours and fives participate in Music with Holly and Cherub Choir on alternating weeks. Toddlers and twos are visited by My Gym while threes, fours and fives visit our beautiful, light filled Art Studio weekly to experiment with light, color and texture as well as woodworking fun. The threes, fours and fives also participate in monthly STEAM classes.

The fours and fives also visit many of Charlotte’s cultural and educational destinations that are nearby. They catch the city bus, travel by carpool or take the train to such places as Winghaven, the Nature Museum and Imaginon.

Enrollment Information and Requirements
To register your child, return the registration and policy forms plus the registration fee by mail or in person.  The forms must be received by February 7, 2019 to receive priority.
Preference is given in the following order:
•    Children currently enrolled
•    Siblings of currently enrolled and Covenant Presbyterian Church members not currently enrolled
•    Children from families in the community at large
Covenant Preschool is comprised of children from various religious, racial and social backgrounds. Open enrollment spots (and wait list positions) will be determined by lottery on February 8, 2019. You DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT for the lottery.


Becky Stout