Tim Kendrick reflects on mission at Covenant

I’ve heard it said that:

  • You can be happy for an hour if you drink a glass of water
  • You can be happy for a day if you go fishing
  • You can be happy for 30 days after you get married
  • You can be happy for a year if you win the lottery
  • But you can be happy for a lifetime when you do mission work.

Good Morning, I’m Tim Kendrick and I have attended Covenant since 1983. 

Our 2016 Stewardship theme is “Your Walk with Covenant."

For you, mission & outreach might be working at Room in the Inn, supporting a Habitat for Humanity build, being a Secret Saint for a college student or being a part of Covenant Impacts Charlotte.  For me it started 16 years ago on a 30 hour bus ride to Reynosa, Mexico to help build a 12’ X 20’ concrete home.  The seed was planted for me in the year 2000 and since then I have been fortunate to work with over 250 Covenant members (adults & youth) on 10+ mission trips and numerous other mission related activities.

Does anyone recognize these 2 people?

There could not be a more polar opposite pair.  Chris Folk (pictured with his son Bob) was one of the most respected leaders in the Charlotte Education community and a very humble, passionate and caring Elder at Covenant.  Peter McQuiston (pictured with a Reynosa friend), now a successful Hospital Food and Nutrition Director in the mountains, was a very boisterous, outgoing, young person and had his share of conflicts with authority (that’s a polite way to say trouble) but eventually became Covenant’s first Youth Elder.  My wife, Cathy and I have become good friends with Peter through his continued participation in Covenant mission trips as an adult.  How did he get there?  Well he has great parents but he received guidance from many Covenant adults and especially his Quest Elder Friend, Chris Folk. 

Take a look at this note.  This was a note that Chris sent to Peter after his participation in the 1997 Youth Sunday Service, simply telling him how proud he was and congratulating him on his faith journey.  Last year, Cathy and I spent the weekend with Peter and his wife, Corey, at their mountain home.  This note was still on his bureau, nearly 20 years later. Chris supported mission & outreach activities his whole life but this quiet support of young 13 year old boy helped to make Peter a better man.  Today Peter participates in mission trips when possible and even started a feeding program in the mountains called “Planting the Seed”.  Covenant’s life cycle continues as Peter will present his son Andy for baptism here in the Sanctuary on November 27. 

There are many impactful people at Covenant who have touched my own children (Lyle and Andy), In fact, I would like to thank the church for allowing Andy to work with Recreation Ministries while he searched for a sports internship this past summer.  They both had outstanding Youth Leaders, Elder Friends, Sunday School Teachers, Mission Trip Leaders and Inspirational Role Models.  There has been one constant nearly every year.  You see the guy in the front – that’s Kerry Hamilton at a recent Covenant Goes to College trip to Appalachian State. 

Kerry was involved with both his daughters in Covenant Children and Youth Programs but long after they left High School, he continues to be involved.  He has been a Youth Leader, helps with Youth Sunday, participates in numerous Mission Trips and is very active in College Council.  But the thing that amazes me is to watch Kerry out on the lawn between services.  He is holding court with young people.  He’s either wrestling with current Covenant kids, having a conversation with former Youth or being the recipient of multiple hugs.  My older son, Lyle was home for the July 4th weekend and came to Sunday worship.  When he walked up to the circle, he made a beeline to Kerry for a big hug.  From the time they were children to their days in College – Kerry’s mission has been our Youth.    

Whether you go on mission trips, support Room in the Inn, become a Quest Mentor or participate in College Council – Make your life a mission, and not an intermission.