Daniel Heath to pursue Masters of Divinity

A message from Senior Minister Bob Henderson:

Dear Friends:

Eight years ago a talented young man stepped out in faith to say ‘yes’ to a vision to expand Covenant’s worship life. It was a brave decision. We had already made one attempt, and it turned out to be short-lived. Yet, Daniel Heath listened carefully, prayed diligently, and ultimately agreed that God was leading him to help expand Covenant’s worship life by starting a new weekly service. In the intervening years, our worship life has indeed been enriched through Daniel’s disciplined artistry, his optimistic sense of the possible, and his creative energy.

It is with gratitude for his faithful service that I write to say that Daniel is again saying ‘yes’ to God’s call in his life, only this call will take him from Covenant Presbyterian and to Princeton Theological Seminary, where he will enroll in the Masters of Divinity degree program. The discernment to follow this call came through a long and thorough process that was bathed in prayer, and though we will miss Daniel, even more we are pleased to support him in this decision and trust God will continue to refine his considerable gifts.

As good Presbyterians, we speak of the formative power of grace, that grace is often the unpredictable interruption of God into our lives. In that grace, we have become a very different congregation than we were when Daniel first came. We have all grown in remarkable ways, and we trust God’s shaping power will continue to work in our midst. We also trust God’s interrupting grace will continue to shape Daniel and his lovely family. In some ways, this seems less of a departure and more of a sending. He certainly goes only with our blessing and prayers.

Daniel has graciously given us plenty of notice. His last Sunday with us will be June 4th. The elders will soon develop a succession plan that, with God’s help, will ensure that our varied worship life will continue to thrive. We will, of course, celebrate Daniel and his ministry among us and details are forthcoming at the appropriate time.


In God’s service,




Bob Henderson

Senior Minister